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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled answers to questions we’re most frequently asked. We’re also always happy to answer your questions via email or by phone at 949-732-0882.

Travel Regulation

What is the current situation and travel requirements?

Fortunately there are no more travel restrictions!

Signing Up for a Pickleball Trip

How do I sign up for a pickleball tour?

To sign up for a pickleball trip simply click on the Tour of your choice and make a 20% deposit per person. Once you make the deposit you’ll receive a confirmation email of your spot on the pickleball tour. If you need any help signing up you can call us.

How do I pay for the pickleball tour?

Payments for the pickleball vacation are made in two payments:

    • Pay Initial Deposit: travelers pay a 20% deposit per person when booking a spot on the pickleball trip
    • Final Payment: Balance due 60 days before pickleball tour start date
    • If the booking is made less than 60 days prior to the tour start date Pickleball Tour Spain will charge the full amount at booking time.
    • All prices are in United States dollars (USD)

What’s included in the pickleball tour price?

    • 8 nights in a handpicked 4- or 5-star hotel
    • Access to pickleball courts and locker room facilities
    • Buffet breakfast every morning
    • 4 gourmet meals
    • Private deluxe motor coach
    • Day trips to historical cities
    • Professionally guided tours in each city we visit
    • Transportation to and from the airport
    • Comprehensive tour handbook when you arrive
    • Guided tours of the Museums and other historical sites (Palaces, Cathedrals, Mosques)
    • Bilingual tour director
    • Flamenco performance
    • Tour souvenirs
    • “Bienvenido” welcome reception
    • “Hasta Luego Fiesta” farewell party

What’s not included in the pickleball tour price?

    • Airfare, some lunches and dinners, drinks, tips, personal spending

Will I receive documentation when I book with Pickleball Tour Spain?

Once a pickleball trip has been booked and deposited, Pickleball Tour Spain will automatically send a confirmation of your reservation. Final pickleball tour documentation which includes a day-by-day itinerary of your journey is sent after final payment is received.

How can I contact Pickleball Tour Spain?

You can email us anytime or send us a message through the Contact Us page. You can also call us. Please keep in mind when contacting us that we are located in Spain which is 6 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time in the US and Canada.

Pickleball, Tour Participants, and Future Pickleball Vacations

What skill level of pickleball players will be on the pickleball tour?

Pickleball players of all skill levels are welcome, from beginners to advanced level players.

How much pickleball will we play?

We’ll play pickleball on 6 of the 9 days of our pickleball vacation. We’ll play pickleball in the morning from 9:30 to 12:30, except for the day of arrival when you will have optional pickleball play in the afternoon.

Should I bring my own pickleball paddle?

Most people will prefer to bring their own pickleball paddle. However, we’ll have plenty of demo pickleball paddles on hand that you can play with while you’re in Spain.

How many participants join each pickleball trip?

We limit the number of travelers to 20 per pickleball tour. The limited group size ensures a good ratio between coaches and pickleball players, and also ensures travelers can enjoy getting to know the tour director, tour guides, and the other pickleball tour participants.

Can non-pickleball players go on the tour?

Yes. Non-pickleball-playing spouses, partners and friends are welcome on the tour. $200 will be taken off of their tour price. If they’re interested, they’re welcome to learn the game of pickleball during the trip. And of course there’s an endless range of interesting and entertaining “non-pickleball” activities available for travelers to enjoy.

Can I arrange for my pickleball club or group of friends to take a pickleball trip?

Yes. If you are interested in organizing a group for a pickleball trip you can contact us here or give us a call and we’ll be glad to discuss the different possibilities with you.

Who leads your pickleball tours?

The Spain Pickleball Tours are personally led by Tour Director Mike Hess who will be with you throughout the tour. Mike is a passionate pickleball player and PPR Certified Pickleball Coach. He’s originally from California and has been living in Spain for the past 25 years. Local experts will provide professionally-guided tours of each of the cities we visit.

Extended Stays Beyond the Pickleball Trip

What if I want to extend my stay beyond the dates of the pickleball trip?

You’re welcome to extend your stay either before or after the pickleball tour dates in order to have additional time to explore on your own. If you’re interested in extending your time in “Spain” and would like to stay at the host hotel (4- or 5-star hand-picked hotel), we have arranged with the hotel to provide you the pickleball tour group rate we have during the tour (depending upon availability). For information on how to extend your stay click here.

How is transportation to and within Spain?

Public transportation throughout Spain is excellent.

Bus, taxi, and Uber in Spain

All cities have buses, and taxis are both plentiful and inexpensive. Larger cities also have subways, and some even have street trollies. Málaga, Madrid and Barcelona are very walkable cities, and when you need a ride somewhere taxis are easy to find. You can also use Uber, but will need a mobile data plan to do so.  The distance from the airports to downtown (where our hotels are located) is less than 8 miles, so going by taxi takes about 20 minutes and costs around $35.

Train in Spain

The train operator in Spain is called RENFE. Spain has one of the best high-speed trains in the world called AVE that connects all of the major cities of Spain. You can also use the train for shorter trips in trains that RENFE calls Cercanias.

Airlines in Spain

The national airline in Spain is Iberia which also operates a national low-cost airline called Vueling. Both of these airlines offer flights throughout Spain. Iberia also offers international flights. Iberia is part of the One World Alliance which includes American Airlines and British Airways in case you would like to apply frequent flyer miles to your flights. All major carriers offer flights to Spain, including United and Air Canada (both part of Star Alliance), and Delta (part of Sky Team Alliance).

Rental cars in Spain

If you prefer to drive all of the major rental car companies are present throughout Spain.

Hotel Rooms during the Pickleball Tour

What are my hotel room options during the pickleball tour?

Double Room

Two people traveling together will share a room with your preference of a king bed or two twin beds that can be separated.

Triple Room and Junior Suites

Triple rooms and Junior Suites are available depending upon availability. Send us an email and we’ll be glad to help you out.

Shared Room for Solo travelers

If you’re traveling solo, you can choose to share a room with another tour member of the same gender, though there is no guarantee that someone will be available. If you’d prefer you may reserve a private room for an additional fee of $700 to the tour price.

Single Room and Single Supplement

The single supplement option is available if you are traveling solo and prefer the privacy of your own room. Please indicate this preference when reserving your tour. The single supplement fee is $700 on top of the tour price. We make no profit off the single supplement – it is the hotel’s rate. You do not have to pay the single supplement fee at the time that you pay your deposit.

Can I upgrade my room at our pickleball tour hotel?

Yes. A limited number of larger rooms are available upon request. Your options depend upon availability at the hotel, so the sooner you request the change the better. Travelers are responsible for any room upgrade expenses.

Can I make special room requests at our pickleball tour hotel?

We are happy to advise the hotel of any special room requests or requirements. Please be aware that requests cannot be guaranteed.

General Travel Advice for the Pickleball Vacation

Should I get travel insurance for the pickleball vacation?

Travel insurance coverage is recommended to reduce the financial risk of accidents, illness, missed flights, canceled or interrupted pickleball tours, and lost baggage. Click here to learn more.

What is the weather like in Spain during the pickleball trip?

Average temperatures in Málaga in September-October and April-June range from 66 ℉ to 83 ℉, but they can get as high as 93 ℉ and as low as 57 ℉.

Average temperatures in Madrid in September-October and April-June range from 58 ℉ to 81 ℉, but they can get as high as 90 ℉ and as low as 50 ℉.

Average temperatures in Barcelona in September-October and April-June range from 69 ℉ to 79 ℉ but they can get as high as 85 ℉ and as low as 50 ℉.

Do I need a passport and visa to visit Spain?

If you are an American or Canadian citizen you need a valid passport. You do not need a travel visa. American Citizens who don’t already have a passport must apply in person at a designated passport facility such as a post office, public library, courthouse or other municipal building (please visit the Passport Facility Search page for your nearest location). For step-by-step instructions and to download a passport application, go to the State Department website. You’ll pay $135 and probably wait about 3-6 weeks (5-7 days after you apply, you can check the status of your passport application and its estimated arrival date through the State Department website). Canadian Citizens who don’t already have a passport should go to Passport Canada.

IMPORTANT: Spain and other European countries will not allow you to enter the country unless your passport is valid for at least three months beyond the dates of your arrival. Therefore, be sure to confirm the expiration date of your passport well in advance of the tour dates since getting a new passport can take few weeks.

What type of currency will I use in Spain?

The local currency in Spain is euros. If you’d like to get a small supply (for example 100 euros) before you leave home, ask your bank or auto club.

Do I need to bring traveler’s checks to Spain?

Traveler’s checks are not necessary in Spain. With your ATM debit or credit cards you can take out euros from cash machines throughout Spain. Most businesses will accept credit cards. Check with your credit card company to find out if they charge you any fees to use the card outside of the US or Canada.

What should I pack for the pickleball trip?

    • Comfortable, casual wear for sightseeing
    • A slightly dressy outfit for a special evening
    • A light to medium sweater and a light jacket or windbreaker for layering
    • Athletic gear for playing pickleball
    • Comfortable, broken-in, supportive walking shoes or sandals
    • Casually dressy shoes for evening
    • Athletic shoes for pickleball

Glasses and/or contact lenses, sunglasses, hat, alarm clock, batteries and chargers for small electronics and phone, camera and memory cards


A supply sufficient for the entire trip and a copy of your prescription(s) in your carry-on bag; extra pair of prescription glasses


Sun and lip protection; preferred over-the-counter medications for upset stomach, pain reliever or allergies; preferred personal hygiene products, contact lens solution and beauty items


    • Travel documents or confirmation numbers, passport, Frequent Flyer cards, medical insurance cards, business cards (to exchange with friends made along the way)
    • Emergency contact phone numbers; addresses for sending postcards
    • Cash, ATM card
    • Photograph of luggage contents in case of loss
    • A tote bag that folds into its own zippered pouch – handy for shopping or bringing back souvenirs
    • Sealable plastic bags for stowing small liquid containers
    • Umbrella / rain jacket
    • Binoculars