Pickleball Tour Spain

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About Pickleball Tour Spain

Pickleball Tour Spain was launched in 2014 to provide pickleball enthusiasts with a unique pickleball trip offering a behind-the-scenes look at Spain’s rich history and culture, along with a chance to enjoy pickleball throughout the journey. Pickleball players from throughout the US, Canada and Europe have enjoyed our custom-designed pickleball vacations to Spain in Madrid, Barcelona, and Málaga. Now that Europe and Spain are completely open to travel, we started offering pickleball trips again in 2022 and have a full schedule of pickleball tours planned for 2023! We invite you to join us for an unforgettable pickleball vacation where you’ll get to meet and play with the Spaniards and enjoy all the best of the wonderful country of Spain. Space is limited on each trip so we encourage you to register early to secure your spot.