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Playing Pickleball on the Pickleball Tour

All Pickleball Skill Levels Welcome!

From beginner to advanced, pickleball players of all skill levels are welcome!

Plenty of Pickleball and Comfortable Playing Facilities

We’ll be playing up to three hours of pickleball on several mornings of the pickleball tour, from 9:30 to 12:30. The courts we play on are outdoor and located in an attractive setting at a local sports club. The court surfaces are hard and smooth, such as converted tennis courts.  Showers and lockers are available at the pickleball courts, giving you the option to shower where we play or back at the hotel. 

Pickleball Activities: Open Play, Events and Competition

All days that we play pickleball will involve some open play. On some days we’ll organize fun pickleball events and competitions, such as rotating partners after each game to ensure you get to know and play with a wide range of people on the pickleball trip. 

Pickleball Play with the Spaniards

A unique part of the tour experience is the opportunity to play pickleball with the locals and get to know the Spaniards on and off the court. Because of our years or organizing pickleball in Spain, we know the locals and have arranged for players from the nearby pickleball clubs to join us. Pickleball is a universal language and our travelers thoroughly enjoy the experience of getting to meet, team up with, and compete against the Spanish during the tour.

Pickleball Instruction and Organization

Pickleball instruction will be organized by Tour Coaches throughout the tour, always adapting to the level and interest of the participants. 

Pickleball Equipment

Most travelers will want to bring their own pickleball paddle(s), but if you don’t want to or don’t have a pickleball paddle, no problem – we have plenty of pickleball paddles we can loan you throughout the pickleball trip.