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Tour Pros Steve & Jennifer Dawson

Málaga Tour: April 25 - May 3, 2024

Throughout the pickleball trip the coaches will organize a range of pickleball classes and competition to help players improve in both the technical and strategic aspects of pickleball. The pickleball instruction is designed to adapt to players of all playing levels. There will also be plenty of open play pickleball.

About Steve and Jennifer

Steve and Jennifer Dawson are two of the top-ranked senior pro pickleball players in the sport today. Not only have they won multiple gold medals at all of the major pickleball championships, but they are also both ITF world tennis champions.

Steve and Jennifer have been teaching pickleball players at all levels of the game for the past 15 years. Steve developed the “Pickleball Master Course” for players who want to elevate their game. In addition, Jennifer and Steve are the owners of the Bobby Riggs Racket and Paddle Club, rated the Top Pickleball facility in 2020.  They have helped thousands of players improve their skills and enjoyment of the sport, and they’re excited to share their knowledge throughout the pickleball trip.

When not on the pickleball court, Steve and their son Callan (also a top-ranked pro pickleball player) can be found designing paddles for their paddle brand Prokennex.

We’re excited that Jennifer and Steve will be joining us on our pickleball adventure in Spain and look forward to sharing a great experience on and off the court with these two pickleball legends.

Welcome to the Pickleball Tour Spain family Steve and Jennifer!

Pickleball Coach Mike Hess

About Mike

Mike is a 4.0 rated player, a PPR Certified Pickleball Instructor, and a USAPA Level 1 Credentialed Referee. He is the founder and former President of the Spanish Pickleball Association from 2012 to 2018, and has spent years teaching pickleball throughout Spain. He has been directing the Pickleball Spain Tours since 2014.